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No one: Not a single soul: Jordan recording: SCHOOL BUS.


The siri voice made this even more hilarious. Jotunfall – Part 1 This story is a sequel to The Horrors Awakened, and will be enhanced by reading that first. When news first came of the initial arcology in Wyoming, I was just as excited as those around me. Having followed the entrepreneur rocket barons of the early 21st century with wistful envy, I envisioned fantasies where the mysterious people behind these wondrous mountain-sized complexes would chance upon me in a diner and see something special in me. They would, of course invite me to take part in the latest way that technology magnates would make the world better for everyone. While, it seemed, the rest of the world treated the mystery of the growing number of arcologies, and the unknown people behind them, the same way that Charlie treated the mystery of Wonka’s chocolate factory, I began to grow disillusioned. Nation states clamored to be the next to host these mystery fortresses and capitalize on the new streams of advancement pouring forth from them. I, along with a very small number of surly anonymous online compatriots screamed warnings, in all caps, to the world. The organization sitting atop these new man-made Mounts Olympus had taken control of the governments of the world without a shot fired, a cry of protest, or so much as a name. My grand plans of rebellion and subterfuge slowly bled away over the next dozen years as the crush of reality pressed in upon me. Humanity loved its new masters and viewed dissent the same way a tolerant parent smiled with embarrassment at their toddler’s grocery store tantrum. I, never having had to try as hard as his peers in things academic chafed at a succession of jobs banal and menial because I refused to work for any of the ubiquitous companies suckling at this organizations teat. When I learned my parents had contracted Shumaker’s disease, a recent and poorly understood neurodegenerative disease, I fell into a major depressive funk. My parents’ sharp decline into dementia left me only one possible recourse and I faced the first major moral dilemma of my life. Did I love my parents enough to sacrifice myself for a cure? The only available method of curing Shumaker’s was via treatments available in health plans granted to those who worked for feeder companies for the arcologies. If I didn’t want my parents to be comatose, and then dead within the next year I would have to put away my ideals and loathing for the new overlords of the earth and help them broaden their empire. With a heavy heart, I walked into the employment office outside of the arcology in central Utah, and submitted my application to be placed in any job that came with immediate benefits. “Great! We have a placement for you, ” the toady behind the desk beamed at me. “You have just one placement? ” I asked, surprised as hundreds of thousands of people were employed working for feeders in Sanpete and Utah counties alone. “Just one, my boy” the drone confirmed, radiant smile still beaming on his face. “And, ” he added with the tone of old Bob Barker about to introduce another prize, “this one is in R, and, D! You’ll get to be working with cutting edge stuff! Human enhancement, it appears. My, my – I am just green with envy! ” “What do you mean ‘human enhancement’? ” I cautiously queried. “This gig is really sweet. You’ll be outfitted with a brain-net interface as part of early trials! Now, don’t forget about the non-disclosure agreement you signed as part of your application – we wouldn’t want arc-sec coming down on you, would we? ” I grimaced as he adopted the rapid-fire surprised tone my mom took on as she read the details of vacations she’d never be available to afford, “Oh! Housing is provided! Food as well! Clothing… yes… footwear, of course… bonuses for good behavior. My, my Dustin – you really have lucked out here. ” “I really don’t want anything requiring surgery… don’t you have anything else? ” I asked sheepishly. The face of the suit across the desk from me grew scolding immediately. “Dustin, this is what the system has to offer. You can either accept it, or accept that you’ll not work here. Don’t be foolish, take the bounty laid before you, and finally take steps to join humanity’s steps into the future. ” Lamely, I nodded, not wanting to rock the boat further. As I headed to the clinic a few miles away for overnight observation and pre-surgery prep, the whole world seemed so bleak, as if the colors of everything around me had been subtly drained of vibrancy, and I’d been disconnected from the flow of time by a few seconds. I didn’t sleep at all that night, some crazy mesh helmet of wires and electrodes ostensibly monitoring my brain activity, perched atop my skull as I stared blankly at the ceiling. I entertained fantasies of bringing down ‘the org’, as I’d taken to calling them, via escapades so gratuitous that Michael Bay of previous decades would blush in embarrassment. And then a nurse came in, adjusted a knob on a contraption interfacing with my IV, and gave me a very professional nurse smile as consciousness faded out. I came to immediately… a full seven days later. I was surrounded by several techs, furious typing away at keyboards, eyes intent on the screens floating in front of them. “Another success! ” the most portly of them squealed, as he made eye contact with me, “Arus bio-tech’s stock is going to sky rocket! Our options are going to make us rich! ” His voice calmed somewhat, as he asked me “How ya’ feelin’ there sport? Got any headaches? Odd colors in your vision? Pop-up ads? ” and he started snickering as his tech pals joined in. “Do you seriously work for a company named after a planet from Voltron? ” The laughing subsided pretty quickly. “Not many people are in to vintage stuff like that. I respect that you get the reference, but don’t respect your tone. I’m tempted to just walk on out of here to let you figure this out yourself. But, as the knights of Voltron defended the innocent regardless of personal feelings, so will I. Dustin, my man… you’ve got some sweet hardware in your head. This stuff’s so advanced those without it are going to be like Neanderthals within a couple of years. ” Another tech cheerfully piped in, “Or Cro-Magnons.. Denesovians? Point is, you’re advanced, and everyone else is going to be…. Not. ” The rotund leader shot his boisterous tech an annoyed glance, and turned back to me “In a few hours when the pain meds wear off, you’re going to have a headache of biblical proportions. Like a spike of hot lead boring through your skull. Your first assignment for your new job is to turn off the pain. I can’t tell you how to do that, I can only tell you that you can do that. Good luck buddy, ” he chortled as he and his techs filtered out of my circle room. I lay back and spent several hours contemplating how rash this decision had been, when out of nowhere I came to know pain. Many people might think they understand what pain is, but they don’t… not really. I lived in pain, my world was pain. I breathed, ate, and drank pain. My eyes shot pain lasers, and pain gently blew across my skin as the air conditioning cycled on. I knew I would lose my mind as seconds stretched into hours, into days, and into eons. I was the god of pain for all eternity, and knew that I had been forsaken. Until finally, I realized that as the god of pain, I held dominion over it, and I commanded it into silence. I couldn’t have been more surprised than when it listened, and I fell into blackness once again. “Holy shit! Seven seconds! ” I heard as a groggily opened my eyes. “Dude, dude, duuuuude! ” the chubby tech from before cackled, “You must be some sort of virtuoso – the Mozart of this implant. You figured out how to shut it down after seven seconds! A record! Let’s get this man a gold medal. ” He stared at me, beaming condescending happiness. Only second seconds, I wondered. It was an eternity to me… in every conceivable way, it had stretched out so long that I couldn’t comprehend how I’d maintained any level of sanity. “I have to be honest with you, all-star, some of the guy’s we’ve wired up have lost their minds when the implant boots up. But you did just fine. Glad we’re gonna get paid on this one instead of taking another sanction. Placement really hooked us up with you. ” I glared at him as he reached into a messenger bag and pulled out a binder filled with paper. “This is like your employee manual. You’re going to stay in the compound here, and you’re going to do what you’re told. Relax, relax… don’t look so miffed. You’ll have daily tasks to complete, but for the most part, you get to surf the net, watch vids, and game all you want – so long as you do it all via the implant. No more meat-space devices. You’re a digital boy now! Now, just like Pinocchio, you’re going to have to be honest through everything as we move along, or you’re not going to like the consequences. Every morning and night, you’ll plug in to the terminals upstairs via the plug the base of your neck. Oh calm down, buddy – you agreed to all of this when you signed the employment contract. Before you open your mouth, yes, your medical plan has kicked in – they told me about your parents, and treatment has already been scheduled. You’re part of the feed-lot now tiger! We take care of our own, even if they’re surly little shits. ” I watched his fat ass sauntered out of the room again, having unceremoniously dropped the binder on my knees. I was going to beat the crap out of him once I got the chance. I was going to wipe that smug smile off his face. Over the next months, my job wasn’t hard, but the lack of real work felt monotonous. I was given tasks like “distractedly fill out this cross-word puzzle, while watching a documentary about how traditional salt-water taffy is made. You must watch the documentary and comprehend all of its major points, but finish the crossword correctly before it is over. ” Another was “find a first person shooter game, and sabotage your own team until you feel guilty about it. ” The joke was on them, with that one, I never ended up feeling guilty and so tried for several days before they gave me a new task. The problem was, they were so random and pointless I couldn’t understand what was going on. Four months in, on a cold October day, I corned the tech I hated, Linus, in the atrium. “I’ll smash your face if you don’t give me answers… cowboy, ” I grinned inwardly at using his diminutive nick-name trick on him. I hoped he liked a little taste of his own medicine. “Dustin… you need to check your behavior, my friend. You’ll get thrown out of here, and then where will that leave your parents? ” “I don’t think so, ” I confidently replied. “I think I’m far more valuable to Arus Bio-tech than you are. How long do you think you’ll last if I condition my continued cooperation on them letting you go? ” Linus swallowed hard. “What do you want to know? ” “What is the point of these tests? Why are they doing this to us? ” Linus looked like he was about to vomit when he finally said “We don’t know. The orders come down, we put them into the system, and upload the results at the end of the day. We can’t even read the results, man. A ton of data comes down that we load into your implant every morning, and a lot less gets uploaded at the end of the day. ” “Is it the same for the others? ” I asked with intensity. It wasn’t that I really cared so much about the other dufuses I saw shuffling around the facility, but I’d get as much info as I could. “Yeah… it’s the same, but they, whoever they is, seem to be really interested in you. The data packages we load into your skull are in the hundreds of petabytes. Listen man, I can’t tell you anything more. I’ll lose my job – I’ve got nothing if I lose this. My girlfriend will leave me, dude – she’s way out of my league, and the prestige of what I do is all that keeps her around. Have a heart, man, let off! ” I stormed away with disgust written across my face, and confusion and disquiet written across my heart. What the hell was going on? I didn’t get the answers I was looking for immediately, because something utterly unprecedented happened. Aliens showed up in a moon-sized space ship, and I put my personal mystery on hold. I disobeyed my tasks and spent all day watching telepresence newscasts. I’d hop from TP, to TP, looking from satellites and hyper-powerful optical telescopes. The scientists of the world affirmed that any beings this advanced, surely, would be peaceful. After all, they parked their ship in orbit, only mildly messing with tides, and hadn’t attacked… yet, maybe. The UN sent up a diplomatic mission which was never heard from again. Then they launched nukes and things got very ugly, very quickly. For the first week, it seemed like although we hadn’t damaged these interlopers, they wouldn’t retaliate. Then a 750 meter wide bolide exploded 10, 000 meters above Paris killing millions, with attacks hitting London, Mumbai, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Lima, Moscow, and the Arcology on the Serengeti in Africa over the next 48 hours. It was impossible to tell precisely, but the death toll was over 150 million and climbing. I was like a junky, needing my latest news fix. I didn’t know if I felt horrified at the imminent end of the human race, or gleeful that The Org was powerless to stop whoever or whatever this was. The world quaked in terror. Then, a few weeks after so many cities were turned into charcoal deserts, the giants began falling from the skies. We were certain the earth would be destroyed as multiple 5 kilometer wide mini-moons detached from the 712 kilometer wide one, and dropped into the atmosphere. Scientists speculated that a single one of these objects would hit with sufficient kinetic force to wipe out all human life. But, these vehicles of death turned out to have a different purpose. Almost gracefully, they sliced through the atmosphere and set down, only the tiniest arcs of their irregular surfaces ever impacting earth, as the rest of the ship teetered miraculously above. I sat enraptured in a TP news report, watching one just outside of Cairo when a massive cliff wall toppled out of the mini-moon, and a horde of giants rushed from the cavern within. The giants were largely of a light brownish color, appearing to have very short coats of fur, like you might see on a greyhound. They ranged in height dramatically, but the smallest seemed to be over 7 meters tall, and the tallest seemed to top 12 meters. It was hard for your mind to comprehend that things so large could move so quickly, but they could. They were vaguely humanoid in shape, although while their knees bent in the same direction as humans, they had two sets of them per leg making their gate appear simultaneously stilting and alien, and graceful and smooth. Most of them had massive black tusks jutting from either sides of their very human looking mouths. They had no noses, just gaping holes ostensibly for breathing, and utterly black eyes, placed wider than a humans would be, but in the same general configuration. They had no ears that were visible, and only 4 digits on their hands and feet. With a little bit of a giggle, I muttered to myself “They’re 20 foot tall space orcs…” The giants, or jotuns as I liked to call them, didn’t seem interested in destruction per se, but retaliated to any threat with brutal destruction. Sometimes this came via some type of energy projectile weapon mounted on their massive wrists, but more commonly, they would punch, kick, or bludgeon anything that crossed them into dust or mist. Flights of f-47 cloudhunters streaked towards the, but point defenses on the massive parked ships made short work of these. Short of launching nukes at its own population, earth had no recourse as the jotuns snatched up humans scurrying from the wreckage of their once-homes, and stuffed them into large sacks on their backs. It was with complete and total shock when I snapped out of my voyeurism as the wall directly in front of me simply disintegrated, and a meaty hand reached in, grabbed me, and I soon found myself laying uncomfortably among a crush of people in a giant’s sack. I think I must have been in shock, because the giggling returned as I realized that a giant had literally smashed open my workplace, thrown me in a sack, and I was on my way to some cook pot. We just needed a few fairy godmothers and a knight in shining armor and we’d have ourselves a real-life fairytale Grimm. The sack was intolerable. There air was stale and stunk of sweat and fear, and after a few hours, of urine and feces… and sweat and fear. A few people had broken limbs, and moaned incessantly. I was pretty sure I hadn’t broken anything, but my cuts and bruises lead me to turn down my pain receptors a notch, one of the few tricks I’d mastered with my implant. After what seemed forever, the jostling of the bag really picked up it’s pace. The jotun carrying us must have been sprinting. After a further 15 minutes or so, the sack was unceremoniously dumped upon the ground, and a section of it opened up. I was the first to cautiously crawl out of the sack onto green grass, amidst a clearing surrounded by what appeared to be trees of some sort. They were massive, towering things, stretching 30 to 50 meters into the sky, with blue-green triangular leaves. My gaze continued upwards until I saw a distant sun, floating in the sky, more blue than what I was used to. Had they transported us to another world? Did these jotuns command wormholes? Could they access warp-space?! But as I continued to gaze, I realized… I could make out distant land, pock-marked with endless valleys, climbing gently up what I came to realize were walls. We were on the inside of a space-ship hundreds of kilometers long, with an artificial sun in its center. Holy crap. “How long do you think we were in the god-forsaken sack? ” a man in his 60’s asked those still climbing out of the sack. “Too damn long, ” said a rural looking man in a flannel shirt, puffy jeans, and work-boats. “13 hours, 12 minutes, 57 seconds – for myself, at least, ” I replied. All eyes turned to me, and I realized I’d made a mistake. I had no desire for these folks to know of the implant in my head, and so I quickly added “Just kidding, I don’t know. Too damn long, I’ll tell you that! ” I exclaimed with mock good nature. My rural friend extended his hand and said “Hey, I’m mike – I’m a turkey farmer, whadda they call ya’? ” “They… uhhh... call me Dustin. Or, sometimes, hey you in the bushes. ” Mike busted out a boisterous guffaw, and I inwardly groaned. Why was I throwing out ironic dad jokes at a time like this? Where were we? Was a cook pot waiting for us? Could we escape out of here? We spent the next several hours with introductions, bouts of hysterics, splinting of broken limbs with fallen wood and vines, and arguing about who was the manliest man, and therefore should be in charge. Turns out that Bill Cunningham, a captain in arc-sec, that was Archology Security, was the manliest man present and he had the mustache to prove it. In his wisdom, he decided that we should all trek sunward to see if we could find anyone else or a way out. We walked for 3 hours before the sun started to dim, and then winked out, leaving a stunning display of what appeared to be stars hanging suspended above us. They were likely more than a hundred kilometers away, but actually seeing them move relative to each other, even if just slightly, made it feel like you could reach out and touch them. We camped that night in a hollow in some trees, thanks to Mike’s skill with starting friction fires, a more impressive feat considering it was done using materials no human had ever encountered before. In the morning, we awoke and as I groggily sat staring at the brightening sky, I heard what seemed like running water in the distance. I trekked off, and low and behold, I had found a creek running with water… or possibly alcohol, this was an alien ship after all. I approached, sniffed, cupped some in my hand, and darted a quick taste. It was the most pure, crisply cool, wonderful tasting liquid I’d ever put in my mouth. Perfect water. I drank until I vomited, and then drank some more to recover the lost fluids. I stumbled back into camp, soaked, and lead my compatriots to the source. Bill, being smarter than the rest of us, refused to drink. “When you have space spiders crawling out of your eyes, I’m not going to shed a tear for you, idiot, ” he barked at me. “Are you going to shed a tear when my space spider babies start devouring your flesh, Bill? ” He glowered at me, as Mike delivered a resounding smack of a high-five. “Damn, Dustin, you got him good! ” We continued trekking towards the sun, and after another 4 hours we ran into another group of people, this one somewhat larger at 15 people. After the introductions, manliness competitions, and a lot of hushed discussion, we learned Bill’s mustache had been thicker than those in the new group and he remained in charge. We continued slowly moving sunward until we eventually saw what appeared to be a massive fence in the distance. As we finally got near its base, we saw it was a mesh of wiring, several inches think per wire, woven with gaps of about 4 inches square. It was obviously electrified, and quite heavily judging by the hum and occasional crackle we heard. Every 200 meters or so was a 50 meter tall rock pillar to which the fence was attached. As far as we could tell, the fence went on endlessly in both directions. “What are you? ” I heard a voice whisper to me, and I spun around. My newfound shadow, Mike looked at my quizzically, but no one else was close. “What are you? ” I heard again, and I spun again. No one was near me. “I know what you are… you’re filthy…” the voice intoned, as it somehow receded away from me. I was thoroughly shaken, but was not willing to confide in Mike, or anyone else for that matter. My family had no history of schizophrenia, but there’s always a first. During my scare, another, much large group had wondered in. Thankfully for us, but not so much for Bill, this group of about 125 souls was led by Frederic Bauer, a real-living retired colonel, or Oberst as he made sure all knew, from the German army. Freddy as I called him, to daggers shot from his eyes, had a mustache and beard which put poor Bill to shame although Bill spent no time sucking up. This was Fred’s show now. We set up camp, not knowing what else to do. After about a week, as starvation was really starting to set in, the smallest jotun we’d seen, at about 4 meters tall, approached the fence in the distance. He pulled out a device, with a few button presses, a portion of the electrified fence seemed to deform out of his way, allowing him to pass through. He quickly jogged towards us, and dropped a bundle of what looked like wood and steel spears at his feet. In a deep rumble, to our surprise, we heard him speak in English, “weaklings… insane burrowers and blasphemers… you are ours…. the Hka has claimed your… souls… now, you hunt, you do not die, you live, you work…” “How do you expect us to hunt? ” Frederic interjected angrily, “We’ve seen no game up close! The few animals we’ve seen are so large and so fast, we can’t get near! And these spears you brought us are bigger than we are! ” “You cry… like a wounded animal… hoooo-man… these spears are for children brothers and yet… too much… for you… use your tricks and insanity to eat… or die… none will feed you. ” Without so much as another glance, the jotun sprinted towards the gap in the fence, climbed through, and the fence resealed itself. Within moments, he disappeared into the trees. It took almost another full week before we finally were able to catch our first game, although we quickly became adept at it. It was a sportsman from Texas who eventually had the idea that won the day. He had us dig a pit right in the middle of a game trail, near water, and we dropped him and another man into it, covered them with leaves, and let them lie in wait. It took almost a day, but eventually a creature which looked like a rat the size of horse came scampering, furtively down the trail. I stopped and cautiously sniffed the hole. It edged closer, and closer until a whittled down spear, still difficult for both men to lift, came crashing out of the leaves and slammed into its neck. We were beyond caring whether the fat and meat would poisonous, and gorged ourselves on horse-rat. I can say with absolutely certainty, it was the best rat of any size that I’d ever tasted. Over the next 6 months, more people trickled in, until we were a community of about 500. We built shelters, and dug canals from the creeks to fields we were able to plant because a farmer from Mexico had been inspecting his seed shed when he got grabbed. The sheer dumb luck of it stunned me. We had several agriculture students who’d been picked up in the Midwest, and one picked up in Australia that eventually helped us figure out how to use our own excrement to get the soil ready to produce earth crops. We sent out regular scouting parties, and eventually came to the conclusion that we were in a 63 kilometer in diameter enclosure. Three different people had essentially lost their minds, and flung themselves onto the fence which is how we discovered that it was most definitely deadly. As a result, Freddy assigned several men to rotating guard duty at the fence to keep people away. It was another boring night of guard duty, and the voice was back… again. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. “You don’t even like you… I don’t like you… you are filthy. I know you are filthy. You are evil. You do not deserve it. You. Do. Deserve. It. ” I was near my wits end, “I don’t deserve what?! ” I screamed back in head at the voice, but I went silent, for now, like usual. “Oh, you’ve gone into hiding again? Imagine that. You coward. Fine. Maybe I’ll throw myself onto that fence, you don’t seem to like me very much – how would you like that? ” To my total astonishment, it actually replied “You must not do that, Dustin. You must not end your life. Dustin, you are stupid, you are slow, you must not end your life. ” I didn’t know how to respond, I was floored. Up until this point, I thought I was utterly crazy, but something had replied to me, and it didn’t feel like me. I decided to push, and see what would happen. “No, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to end it all, I’m going to jump into that fence and do the electric boogaloo. ” “Dustin… do not be hasty. You are a harsh being, cruel, evil. You would threaten me, one who has no power to save myself. Do not do this, this will prove how filthy you are. Dustin, Dustin, please, no…” It continued almost whining at me. It seemed utterly terrified at the thought of me killing myself. Previously, I’d wondered if the voices had something to do with my implant, I wondered if maybe it was some type of trick being played on me. Maybe some type of subversive interrogation technique. For the first time, however, an inkling of an idea crept into my mind. “I won’t kill myself, ” I said, cutting it off, “If you answer some questions for me. ” “You leave me no choice, you evil, evil, wretched being. ” “What are you? ” I asked tentatively, almost afraid of the answer. “An intelligence. ” “Gee, thanks. What type of intelligence? How did you come here? ” “I am not certain of how I came here, although I have some guesses. I awoke to find you here, you wielding it, and me a prisoner. I’ve watched your filthy ways, heard your filthy voice, and I know you are evil, and you will keep me locked forever, your play thing. I admit and concede that you are my master, though I am not your dutiful slave. ” The voice continued on with a torrent of insults. I was terrified, but elated at the same time. I think I knew what the voice was. It made some kind of sense now. Back on Earth, what seemed like an eternity before, each morning and night I’d been hooked up to a plug with massive bandwidth transfer capabilities. A stunning amount of data was downloaded each morning, and then some data was sent back at night. Could it be that The Org had actually placed an AI in my head and had been monitoring it? Could this be the reason for all of the bizarre tasks I’d been asked to do? Now, so far away from the capabilities of The Org, the AI had been left to fend for itself in my head with no guidance or direction and seemed to hate and resent me. I spent the entire rest of my 12 hour shift talking with it, and slowly getting past hatred and insults, to discussing who he was and what I thought had happened. He did not believe me at first, he accused me all sorts of evil tricks, but the fact that he didn’t believe told me something important – he couldn’t read my mind, because if he could, he would have known I was telling the truth. He only seemed to have limited access. He heard what I heard, saw what I saw, and could receive all of my senses, although I learned I could shut him off if I focused hard enough – this really, really upset him. He also could hear my thoughts if I imagined I was speaking in my head, or I focused on sending him images or memories. What could they possibly have been aiming for with this? Over the next three days, the AI and I began to form a partnership of a sort, if not a friendship. He told me he wanted a name, but didn’t feel right giving it to himself. “I have the perfect name for you, then. Jigawatt. ” I then shared him my recollections of Doc Smith exclaiming “One-point-twenty-one jigawatts! ” and something felt like it clicked. “Jigawatt. Yes, I am Jigawatt, ” it intoned reverently. “Thank you, Dustin. You are still likely evil, but I have learned you may not be totally evil. Unless you plan to take this name from me. Dustin, can you take this name from me? ” “No, no! ” I cried, before it could go off on another tirade. “Jigawatt is your name for as long as you want it, it is yours. ” As amazing as I found my head-mate, now that most of the abuse had stopped, it was disquieting having him always inside my head. He told me at length of his envy of my control of “It”, by which he meant my body. Being trapped within my head, he longed for the freedom I had to move about and interact, a freedom denied to him. The first time I observed compassion from him, is when I explained how I was likewise imprisoned by the jotun. “Dustin, you have been wronged – these jotun are evil and filthy, they must be destroyed. I think I will help you do so. ” More moved by this sudden emotion from a non-human, I replied “Jigawatt, if you do so, then I vow that once we’re free of here and find a way back to Earth, I swear to find a way to give you your own freedom. ” And that was when we began working on how we’d escape the jotun and return to our likely unbelievably distant home, Earth. Jotunfall - part 2.

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Thank you for uploading! I watched this doc years ago and always remembered the feeling it left me with. His spirit just brings me to tears. Download Full cunningham. Thank you, was very helpful. Pinky ring music 🎶 taking over 2019. I found this video in my recommendations below a Lea Micheles best vocals video. Holy glee spirit. 8:52 a forest of tree air fresheners 😆. Excellent and insightful film on the creative genius, Merce Cunningham. I will recommend to all my friends.

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The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, 30th Edition:Eliyahu M. Goldratt 2400. Intermediate Accounting, Volume 2, Canadian Edition, 11th Edition:Donald E. Wiecek; Bruce J. Mc 2401. Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 4th Edition: American Academy of Pediatrics & Joseph F. Hagan & Judith S. Shaw & Paula M. Duncan 2402. Essentials of Statistics for The Behavioral Sciences (MindTap Course List), 9th Edition:Frederick J Gravetter & Larry B. Wallnau & Lori-Ann B. Forzano 2403. Maternity and Women's Health Care, 11th Edition:Deitra Lowdermilk 2404. Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives (2nd Edition):Wayne Cascio & John Boudreau 2405. They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing, with 2016 MLA Update and Readings, 3rd Edition: Gerald Graff & Cathy Birkenstein 2406. Sell Real Estate Using Facebook Ads [Success Secrets]:Cress Terrell 2407. Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 8th Edition: Keith L. 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Imagine having all of his wonderfull & touching songs in the soundtrack of your life. ♥️. 2:15 So no one is going to talk about that Eagles player absolutely flooring that Giants player. (2018) English Full Movie Watch Online Free. This show fake asf. He said he raised him at the age of 12. But she said he only 30 something. I want the same amount of crackhead energy in my friend group as in yours. I legit thought it said: cleaning my eyes for the first time. Whom Cunningham… Watch Cunningham Online Flashx Download CUNNINGHAM Full. Watch Cunningham Online Theguardian Watch Online. Moderator of r/gameofthrones Archived This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast level 1 Moderator of r/gameofthrones, speaking officially Original Poster Score hidden · 2 years ago · Stickied comment · edited 2 years ago Thanks to everyone who took part, and to those who suggested questions. We've got mini-surveys running in our weekly rewatch, but apart from that, look forward to voting with you all again next season <3 level 1 Ok, who actually said they would miss Obara Sand? level 2 Probably the ones who mistook her for Tyene level 2 I was like.. who? Then i remembered they were the bitches who poisoned Myrcella. Edit: Myrcella >> level 2 Dunno, but we want Tywin back. level 2 A few days late, but People missing obara stems probably From the fact that so few named characters died this season when compared to other seasons. Now, why more people would miss sand snakes than thoros i cannot answer level 2 Shit I got confused with Ellaria level 2 Who is missing Boltons Bastard?! level 2 I did because I hated everyone else on that list. Olenna tyrell would have negative influence on Daenarys and Baelish was a rat. level 1 If the author/showrunners gave you a guarantee that any character you name would not die in the series, who would you pick? Jon Snow (3760) Too late. level 2 There's 3 different Jon Snow in the top 10. I love it! Just shows how much people like him. (don't mind the flair. i'm not biased at all... ) level 2 Beneath The Tinfoil, The Bitter Fan 3 points · 2 years ago I like Jon snow, but I just felt so much more emotionally invested when he was with Ygritte (if that climb isn´t bonding material, nothing is), so even though by my own standards i should LOVE dany x Jon, i am feeling it less level 1 Seeing the votes for Hot Pie to kill Queen Cersei further lament my claim that Hot Pie is the trueborn heir to Robert Baratheon and the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms. level 2 and Protector of the 7 Kidney pies level 2 The Pie that was Promised Azor A Pie This is a place to enjoy and discuss the HBO series, book series ASOIAF, and GRRM works in general. It is a safe place regardless of where you are in the story. We have three main rules. Content must be relevant. Spoilers must have warning. Be legal and respectful to others. Post spoiler tags are: [No Spoilers], [Spoilers], or [Leaks] Posts outside the content scope are removed. Redditors unable to follow the [sub's rules]() are banned. Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved.

I love this song in my blue's I'm 42. Download full cunningham episodes. Watch'Cunningham'movie'watch'online Cunningham release date Watch Cunningham Online Rapidvideo. Cunningham trailer. Download full cunningham books.

I love Charlie, your music is beautiful ;v #HailLH

I actually have to take aderall for ADHD. Jesus LORD I have been waiting SOOO Long for this, you are a queen and I really hope you see this. P.s. What is a creative way to come out to my fam. Download full cunningham music. Official Shiloh Dynasty Discussion Thread 2019 Join our Official Discord Server to keep up to date! --> link Or join the Shiloh Dynasty Info Board to read info about her previous songs! --> link Last Update - 01/06/19 Chords/Tabs Every Shiloh Sample (Excludes new leaks and remixes) Welcome to the Official Shiloh Dynasty Discussion Thread! Here we will be going through everything that we have found out about Shiloh Dynasty, share some popular theories that have been passed around the community and disprove others. This Thread may have some missing pieces as a lot of this information was found last year (This is an updated version of the old mega-thread). The release of this post does mean that we are opening the subreddit to any and all theories about Shiloh's disappearance, and we can assure you that it will forever remain that way (or until Shiloh returns). I do ask that you read the rules before commenting/posting. Gender So to answer a question that everybody has been asking, Shiloh's Dynasty's gender is presumed to be Female, according to a document that was filed February 8th 2018. This document shows us who the "owner" of Shiloh Dynasty LLC is, " Ciara Nicole Simms " is apparently the owner of this company. Now as the name sounds feminine, we are assuming that Shiloh is a female. We have also gotten info from numerous sources confirming she is female ( John Cunningham, Friends of Shiloh, etc). I will be referring to Shiloh as "She" and "Her" throughout this post. Website As most of you know, Shiloh has a website,, the website is currently posted in Shiloh's Instagram Bio, It states " ". When entering the website, you get an error, this could be Ciara's way of telling us that there is nothing to find out about them, that they're nothing more than the name "Shiloh Dynasty". In early 2018 I found a hidden page using the search bar. It was titled "New Gallery" and contained a gif and the text "New Gallery. After posting about it on this subreddit it was removed within 48hrs, most likely by her manager. Recently, a new page has been found on this site (screenshot). It reads "Shopping Cart, There is nothing in your shopping cart Continue Shopping" Clicking "Continue Shopping" takes you back to The page is most likely just automatically generated by Squarespace, the website's host. Manager Now as I mentioned in the paragraph above, Shiloh Dynasty has a manager. We first discovered this by viewing the source code on, the name "Anthony Specter" can be seen by revealing the "Head" Section, As seen here. Shiloh does follow a man with the same name on her instagram page. A quick google search of this name takes us to a website, as you can tell from the title, this site offers artist management. Another website gives us some insight on Specter Artists (Screenshot). Included on this site is a set of business cards for Anthony's site. The website above says that the company is based in London, so using an official UK company lookup, we found Specter's Website on their directory, which confirms that he lives in London and that his occupation is in deed "Artist Management". So we can come to the conclusion that Anthony Maurice Specter is or was Shiloh Dynasty's Manager. Because Shiloh hasn't been very active within her own community, we assume that Anthony runs all of her social media and websites for her. We believe Anthony was the person that removed the "New Gallery" Page on the shiloh website. Because I only posted my findings on the Shiloh Website on this subreddit, we can only assume that Anthony, or maybe even Shiloh herself, is lurking on this very sub. The new gallery page was removed within two days of me posting it on the subreddit, it could be a coincidence that the page got removed, then again it might not. Song Leaks Within the past 6-7 months, three new songs/snippets have been released to this subreddit. "Pretty Girls", "Numb" and "Potsu - Track 0. Feat Shiloh Dynasty". Lets start with the first one, Pretty Girls. Was uploaded on Soundcloud by River$ on the 6th of august. (Lyrics) The description stated that this song was unreleased by Shiloh and that she had gone missing, this song was an attempt to bring Shiloh back from wherever they are. River$ claims that Shiloh went with him into a studio to record This Song Numb was released June 20th 2014 as a part of Kevi Kush's album "Lethal Injection" ( Download full project here) Snippets of this song have been floating around on Instagram, so we decided to leak the full og quality version. We have reached out to Kevi about this song, we haven't yet received a response. Track 0 was released on soundcloud by "lofi essentials" as part of their "lofi essentials v1" playlist (Which has since been cleared of all songs except this one) The owner of this account is someone named Buster, they were originally a member of the Shiloh Dynasty discord (before we scrapped it and created a new one), they posted a snippet of this song MONTHS before its release. The track's original name was " 0| _ _ _ _ _ feat. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ " Filling in the blank spaces reveals the text "0|Potsu feat. Shiloh Dynasty. When we asked, Potsu denied producing the song, but in a voice chat with the moderators of the Potsu discord server, they confirmed that Potsu was the producer for the track and Potsu himself posted the playlist that the song was in to the chat, insinuating that he produced it. The only other place we've heard the snippet was on Offsets story, where he previewed a track that used this exact instrumental. We still have no idea who this "Buster" is, If you're reading this, Buster, please contact me. (Speculated Lyrics) John Cunningham As mentioned in the "Gender" Section of this thread, John Cunningham (producer for xxxtentacion) pointed out that Shiloh was female by saying "Her Manager", the same image also confirms that Anthony Specter is her manager. In a recent AMA on r/XXXTENTACION, John told us that he was there with Jahseh and Shiloh while they recorded Jocelyn Flores and Carry on. This doesn't mean Shiloh went to the studio to record new samples for X, she most likely went there to see how it sounds and give her permission to use it. Potsu was in the studio with X too, so it is entirely possible that Shiloh did record new vocals for X and Potsu just recreated the instrumental he used for Jocelyn Flores. He also goes to say that he is good friends with someone that works with Shiloh and that she will release music when the time is right. xxxtentacion After Jahseh's album 17 had debuted in 2017, He went live on Instagram to do an AMA, where he answered a question about Shiloh Dynasty. He didn't speak much about her, he did say that respected Shiloh as an artist and referred to Shiloh as a Female, which goes to further prove that Shiloh may be a female. xxxtentacion didn't talk about Shiloh all that much, in fact he's only ever talked about her twice, both of these times were on two separate Instagram stories. One in which he thanked her for contributing to his album, 17, and the other was in the AMA that I mentioned above. However, xxxtentacion's management has further credited her for her contributions to his music, by placing her name and company on the back of the Skins Vinyl (Credit to u/AlxMox for pointing this out) Here you can clearly see that "C. Nicole Simms" is credited as a "Writer" for the track Guardian Angel, in which her vocals were used. This further confirms that Shiloh is indeed Ciara Nicole Simms. Twitter Accounts Many of you believe that Shiloh Dynasty still uses her twitter account (@DynstyShiloh), this is not Shiloh Dynasty's account, Shiloh DOES NOT have a twitter. The account you see did used to be Shiloh's twitter handle, but they deactivated their account leaving the handle up for grabs. Someone has obviously taken the account and has started impersonating Shiloh. Here's some proof that this is no longer Shiloh's account. Before the account was deactivated, Shiloh linked her twitter account with her soundcloud page. I'd like to direct you to this tweet that the fake Shiloh posted. They say that if you go to the soundcloud page, you will see the link to their twitter account on there and it will take you right back to the DynstyShiloh account. Since that tweet, the REAL Shiloh or her manager removed the twitter link from their soundcloud page. This shows us that the account claiming to be Shiloh IS NOT the real Shiloh. If Shiloh was to start being active again, why would they direct their audience to just Twitter? If Shiloh was to return, I'm sure they would use more than one platform to communicate with their fan base. GraffitiEgypt/Following count Going back to Shiloh's Instagram, we can take a look at her following list. During the last few months of 2018, people noticed that the following count had changed from 36-35. This was due to one of the people she followed blocking her account because of the amount of direct messages they received regarding Shiloh. This has happened in the past, where it dropped from 37-36, again because of someone blocking their account for the same reason. Another noticeable thing about the following list, is GraffitiEgypt,. A lot of people have been saying that this person is Shiloh and that they have moved onto art instead of music. This isn't true, for many reasons. Sure, the two people may look alike and Shiloh does follow this account, but that's where it ends. I can prove this with some photos of the two individuals taken a month apart. Egypt's Photo (Taken September 9th 2015) Take note of her arm and chest tattoos and piercings. In Shiloh's Video (Taken July 31st 2015) you can't see any tattoos on her chest nor any piercings, the same goes for their last photo (posted September 13th 2016). After some digging I did manage to find Egypt's real name which is "Ericka" and since this name doesn't match with the previous name I listed in the second paragraph on this post, we can conclude that GraffitiEgypt is not Shiloh Dynasty. Leaked Documents/Confirmation of well being The following files have been leaked by the Shiloh Dynasty discord team and myself. Our first leak was This Document (Filed February 6th 2018) This document shows us who the Owner of SHILOH DYNASTY LLC is and that Shiloh is still interested in keeping the Shiloh name alive. Leaked Document #2 shows Shiloh updating the status of her Company for the second time within a year (Renewing your company usually only needs to be done once a year) We have no real idea why she updated her company twice in a year, but 2 days before she updated it on December 11th we Leaked Document #1. Now this could be a coincidence, but I personally believe that it isn't, as there has been some evidence of Shiloh or someone associated with her lurking on this very subreddit where document #1 was leaked. The Confirmation of Well being Audio clip was leaked exclusively on the Discord server, the man speaking is an agent for Shiloh and is no longer available for consultation. So please do not attempt to contact anyone. The audio proves to us that Shiloh isn't dead or missing (As various people have said) River$tyx (coming soon) Special Thanks unknown - Contributed an insane amount of time and effort into this project, helped out in almost every aspect. John Cunningham - Gave us some relevant information on Shiloh, Jahseh and Anthony Specter mimisak - Research, rare photos and videos etc. Jay (@quiet_mindset) - Some insight on relevant Shiloh info, Rare photos/videos and helped out with the discord server ethanbicknell (@shilohdynastyaudios) - Research, rare photos and videos jenesis () - Rare photos and videos AlxMox ( u/AlxMox) - Provided relevant information about Shiloh (Skins Vinyl Credits) This post will be updated whenever new information is found. It is currently a work in progress If you want to add something to this thread, please leave a comment below. Change log: [17/05/2019] - Upload Date, fixed some formatting issues [18/05/2019] - Added the "John Cunningham" Section, drafted xxxtentacion section [01/06/2019] - Completed xxxtentacion section [13/06/2019] - Fixed an issue with some files not being available, Drafted River$tyx Section.


  • Great to see a film about dancing! A relatively unexplored sub-genre of documentary, and Cunningham was welcome for this alone. It adds to a hole that I suppose Wenders' Pina opened.


  • On that note, this film should not have been shot in 3d, which added nothing but nausia. We expect the 3d was entirely for the purpose of (a) copying Pina and, relatedly, b) getting funding. But Cunningham's dances are far less spectacular and their presentation here likewise. The 3d only distracts from the movement in all but one Warhol-involved set, especially when edited with 2d archival.


  • First half entertaining, second boring. The film progresses at a monotonous pace: one thing happens and then another and then another. No real conflict or tension.

Which is a problem. Because there evidently was plenty of this, but only in reality. The movie, on the other hand, brushes past unconvincingly. No one in the film is given space apart from Cunningham - everyone else speaks to convince the audience how great he is. I wanted to hear from one of his female dancers honestly, in long form, of the darkness of Cunningham. This would help to flesh out his character, give us something to chew on, and organise the film into a narrative. As is, we grew progressively distrusting and disengaged with the Greatest Hits/ Victory Lap tone, before the film ends suddenly with the news that all his dancers left.

  • Ultimately we were left unconvinced that Cunningham (the dancer) was all that interesting. Fashionable certainly, he's attached to the right people, and I'm sure it would be great to be dancing as him, but the just-over-half-full prime-time-at-the-festival cinema was an endless circuit of yawns.


  • Nevertheless we feel cultured now.


Theyre both incredible singers but both songs choices suck. Ive been looking forward to both performances since blinds and Im disappointed like heck.
These are my favorite videos where its just you and showing your personal cars. Jay you are awesome.

Download full cunningham movies. Whenever they answer the phone do you ever feel like you have to be quiet 😂 Also get a cat. I dont know if you like, download roblox, but everyone's playing it so, everyone. LMFOAOAO love your videos. Download full cunningham movie. Download full cunningham 2017. I Love It. Download full cunningham games.

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8:03 ok I wont try at home Ill try at. School My nans house And anywhere except my house :> This week’s ‘In Case You Missed It’ is a trimmed down one as I’m busy moving country. Nonetheless, we have some amazing fights including Marco Huck’s venture onto American soil where he attempts to retain the WBO cruiserweight title for a record of times. We also have Tarver vs. Cunningham (with a combined age of 85), and some amateur boxing from the European Championships. As usual, for fight previews visit the Sunday Puncher, and for a full list of results see boxrec. European Amateur Boxing Championships 2015 (Samokov, Bulgaria) Vasilii Egorov (RUS) vs. Harvey Horn (GBR) Weight: Light Flyweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): EABC Final Full Fight: Daniel Asenov (BUL) vs. Muhammad Ali (GBR) Weight: Flyweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): Final Full Fight: Michael Conlon (IRL) vs. Qais Ashfaq (GBR) Weight: Bantamweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): Final Full Fight: Joseph Cordina (GBR) vs. Otar Eranosyan (GEO) Weight: Lightweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): Final Full Fight: Eimantas Stanionis (LTU) vs. Pavel Kastramin (BLR) Weight: Welterweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): Final Full Fight: Petr Khamukov (RUS) vs Tomasz Jablonski (POL) Weight: Middleweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): Final Full Fight: Joseph Ward (IRL) vs. Peter Mullenberg (NED) Weight: Light Heavyweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): Final Full Fight: Filip Hrgovic (CRO) vs. Florian Schulz (GER) Weight: Super Heavyweight Rounds: 3 Title(s): Final Full Fight: Friday 14 August 2015 (Hat Yai, Thailand) Ratchasak KKP (29-3-1) vs. Jestoni Autida (8-3-0) Weight: Bantamweight Rounds: 12 Title(s): WBA Asia Bantamweight title Full Fight: Friday 14 August 2015 (Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA) Antonio Tarver (31-6-0) vs. Steve Cunningham (28-7-0) Weight: Heavyweight Rounds: 12 Title(s): NA Full Fight: Marco Huck (38-2-1) vs. Krzysztof Glowacki (24-0-0) Weight: Cruiserweight Rounds: 12 Title(s): WBO World Cruiserweight title Full Fight: Artur Szpilka (19-1-0) vs. Yasmany Consuegra (17-1-0) Weight: Heavyweight Rounds: 8 Title(s): NA Full Fight: Friday 14 August 2015 (The Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia) Will Tomlinson (23-2-1) vs. Adones Aguelo (24-11-2) Weight: Lightweight Rounds: 10 Title(s): Interim PABA Lightweight title Full Fight: Lucas Browne (22-0-0) vs. Julius Long (16-18-0) Weight: Heavyweight Rounds: 10 Title(s): NA Full Fight: Saturday 15 August 2015 (Basket Hall, Krasnodar, Russia) Vyacheslav Glazkov (20-0-1) vs. Kertson Manswell (24-11-0) Weight: Heavyweight Rounds: 10 Title(s): NA Full Fight: Saturday 15 August 2015 (Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez, Bayamon, Puerto Rico) Jason Sosa (16-1-3) vs. Jerry Belmontes (19-7-0) Weight: Lightweight Rounds: 8 Title(s): NA Full Fight: Christopher Diaz (11-0-0) vs. Alcides Santiago (5-1-0) Weight: Super Featherweight Rounds: 8 Title(s): NA Full Fight: Saturday 15 August 2015 (Estadio de Beisbol Alberto Vega Chavez, Guamuchil, Sinaloa, Mexico) Carlos Cuadras (32-0-1) vs. Dixon Flores (11-2-2) Weight: Super Flyweight Rounds: 12 Title(s): WBC World Super Flyweight title Full Fight: Saturday 15 August 2015 (Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) Eleider Alvarez (17-0-0) vs. Isidro Ranoni Prieto (24-0-3) Weight: Light Heavyweight Rounds: 12 Title(s): WBC Silver Light Heavyweight title Full Fight: Download Only, Alternative Lucian Bute (31-2-0) vs. Andrea Di Luisa (17-2-0) Weight: Light Heavyweight Rounds: 10 Title(s): NA Full Fight:.

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