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Download free the gentlemen - senhores do crime watch. What an amazing movie. This is Guy Ritchie returning to days gone - Snatch and Lock Stock. The writing is on point, very clever and witty. The story comes together superbly throughout the movie and at the end.
The actors play some amazing parts. Colin Farrell is absolutely amazing as 'The Coach. He pretty much steals the show. Best movie I have watched it quite a long time.
If you are a fan of Ritchie's early English gangster flicks then this will be a 10/10 for you.

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'The Gentlemen' Online HD HBO 2018 Online the gentlemen Online Free Megashare. Watch The movie xmovies8. Download free the gentlemen - senhores do crime episodes. Here is some context if you are confused. Mercury is a land bathed in fire from the sun on one side, and frozen on the other. Most of the population lives in massive underground cities, but there are also some living in Terrariums on the surface that are protected from the sun. A fair bit also live in orbit around the twilight zone, and some even live as nomads wandering the night side. Here are some of the major locations and nations on the first planet. Trinity Station, the realm of God on Mercury Trinity Station is the base of power for Catholic Christianity. It is run very much like the Vatican city, and it is a group of 4 O'Neill cylinders (3 of them being 20 km long and one being 40 km) tied together in a cross, which orbits in Mercurys twilight zone. Here is a rundown of the four and the large central section. Father - This is the hub for technology and development in the station. It houses the servers for the ChurchNet, a virtual world run like a giant Christian Minecraft Server. The section is also home to vast libraries housing hundreds of exabytes of data on the history of the Church (but mainly just ChurchNet files. Son - This is home to the greatest art district in the solar system, with special residences offered to the great artists. It is also home to famous writers, musicians, philosophers, chefs and even the most influential programmers of the ChurchNet. No Intersolar grand tour is complete without a visit to the Son cylinder. Holy Spirit - Being the top part of the station, the Holy Spirit Cylinder is home to the residences of the Vaticans 500 Cardinals and the Pope, along with hundreds of thousands of church officials. It is also home to the Swiss guard who are now teamed up with Swiss designed ‘Transformers (large robots that can turn into short range spacecraft that enforce order among the planets. It is also home to the largest church in the Universe, probably, a gigantic 5 kilometer long monolith that can seat a quarter million people. Man - This is the largest of the Cylinders, home to the working class that help keep the station afloat, as well as tourists who fell in love with Trinity Station. It is pretty much like any other O'Neill cylinder except that it has a lot more hotels, agri-factories and a larger industrial area. It is mainly home to Latinish people (basically every single Catholic Nation rolled into one Language and Culture. Mainly Dominated by Spanish, Portuguese, with hints of Italian, Catalan, French and Polish. At the center of Trinity station lies its most important part and number 1 tourist attraction: Rome. The city was Earthlifted in 2331 due to an outbreak of a massive war, and transported to Luna before making it to the Mercurian Orbit. It possesses expensive flat anti-gravity systems using Brown Gravitators instead of the usual centrifuge. Rome is home to monuments made by the Roman Empire and the greatest works of the renaissance. The center is about 10 miles wide, and the Gravitator works on both sides, so Venice, Florence and Bologna were plucked out of Italy and sent to Trinity as well, just on the opposite side of Rome, and an environment was terraformed to fit all of them. Trinity Station was built in the 2330s to be a base for the Catholic Faith in case Rome and the Church fell. The station was completed in 2345, and it held the record of the largest space station in the solar system for 4 years until the completion of Gagaria. It survived the Great Intersolar crisis, as Mercury was a generally unremarkable world, and now is a very important region of the solar system. The station is home to a relatively large food production, industrial and waste management systems, but it can only rely on them for 20 years. Luckily, every day on Mercury (about 53 days on Earth) a space elevator links up with Trinity and delivers a massive package of supplies. In case that elevator breaks, an army of tugs pulls it to another elevator on Mercury, where the cycle continues. So far it has only had to do this once, when the elevator was attacked in 2666 (hmmm. during the waning years of the Intersolar crisis. The Dyson Corporation The idea to construct a dyson swarm has been around for a thousand years, and if constructed it would bring gargantuan amounts of power and energy to the Solar System. The company was founded in 2154, but saw little action except for landing a few people on Mercury with the intention of creating a colony that would later dismantle the planet and construct a swarm of small probes that would generate solar energy. 150 panels, each 1 km long squares harvested from the Mercurian had been constructed before the company shut down due to the Great Intersolar Crisis. It was refounded in 2805, and it constructed 350 more panels and launched them into Orbit of the sun. There are plans to triple the operation speed, and with a new company plan in place it should be possible to construct one panel in a year, which could get much faster later on. The A. I. leaders of the corporation plan to finish the swarm within 5 millennia. Each panel is home to a thousand people that operate it and control its energy flow. These people are mostly Abbasinyans, Sudanese, Guinanan, Korean and Burmese, but several minority groups exist as well. There are also several large construction yards on the Mercurian surface, and many more are being built right now. The Dyson Corporation is a meritocracy, run by artificial intelligence. Children born to parents in the corporation are not allowed to leave unless they have completed a 5 year work quota, but this surprisingly does not happen. The corporation has remarkable living standards and relax working hours, so many people willingly sign up to be a part of it, despite it technically being slavery. There are about a billion people in the corporation (who mainly reside on Mercury) making it the largest one in human space. In addition to owning the Dyson Swarm modules, the Corporation operates space stations in the orbit of the sun, as well as a tourist attraction where people can go to a tube on the surface of the sun. On top of this, the corporation owns space stations of various sizes in Mercurian orbit and it transfers electricity across the solar system in a web of laser arrays attached to each swarm unit. The Northern Retreats Most of the Mercurian population lives underground in massive arcologies, and these own large terrariums on the surface of the planet (with extra UV protection. These habitats open up large solar arrays to gather energy during the day, and have internal lighting in the night. The planet is pretty populated, with 5 billion inhabitants (including the employees of the Dyson Corporation) making it the 5th most populated body in the solar system. The North of Mercury is known for having quaint religious retreats, as well as having generally peaceful governments. There are 5 major nations, Asadullah, Kuwakerstan, Nestoria, St. Mark and Philosoferina, with many smaller settlements scattered in between. All of these are liberal theocratic nations following a branch of Abrahamism, and are generally considered great places to live, even if you do not belong to the dominant faith. Keep in mind, while these may seem like small 17th century New England colonies, these are actually massive nations with the surface area the size of Poland and populations in the tens of millions, with large cities holding millions on the surface and even larger cities in gigantic caverns that go hundreds of miles deep. All of these nations are part of the Miai accordant, a free trade and military alliance, which has given them a strongly knit bond. Here are the five largest powers in the region: Asadullah is a nation based around a Sufi Islamic sect, with most of its population being of German, American and French descent. The sect originated in 2048, when a German man who converted to Islam started a small Islamic community in Dresden, but was lynched by German Nationalists 15 years later. His sect spread in the western world, and in 2305 they founded a colony on Mercury. They speak an arabised dialect of Denglish, and they run a democratic government with strict anti-corruption laws, otherwise being very liberal. When Iran managed to undergo a democratic revolution in the 2030s, Christianity began to spread quickly through the country, with 10% of the country being christian by 2150. One branch that took hold were the Quakers, and they made up 30% of Irans Christian population. They were still not treated the best by the rest of Iran, so they formed a Mercurian colony in 2291 and settled into the region, forming Kuwakerstan. The country is mostly Persian, with large Kurdish, Turkmen and Pashtun minorities, who speak an Anglified Persian language. A nation with a very similar backstory is Nestoria. The Nestorian resurgence occurred in around the 2370s, when thousands of Christians across the Middle East and Central Asia converted to Nestorian Christianity, when earlier versions of the bible were found and transcripted. They set up a Mercurian colony around 2321, and it grew to become the largest of the Northern Retreats. Its population is mainly Pastun and Turkestani, with smaller Persian and Arab populations. It is very close to Kuwakerstan due to the similar ethnic makeup and speak the same language as the Kuwakerstanis, as they had close contact. Saint Mark is made up of Coptic Orthodox colonists, mainly coming from Egypt, China and Japan (the latter two had the religion spread fast in the 22nd century. It was founded in 2307, and has the largest population of the nations in the Miai accordant. Philosoferina is a Victorianist colony formed a lot later after the rest, in 2721. In case you do not know, Victorianism was a religion formed by Victoria Kant, an Ashkenazi woman who saved the lives of a thousand by the power of God, who gave her the power of stopping the debris from colliding with a spacecraft she was piloting. While she was doing so, a 750 page book was revealed to her. The book was a mix of Christianity, Islam and some proven science, but regardless all the passengers of the vessel, who saw the action unfolding out of their windows all converted. Anyhow, Philosoferina was formed by the last living survivor of that spacecraft, an Afrikaans Preacher. It is mainly populated by the Dutch, Zulus, Boers and Americans, as well as hundreds of smaller ethnic communities. They mainly speak Afrikaans with a hint of Yiddish. The Craterlands The bulk of Mercuries lives in the Craterlands, a region between the North and the South poles. Mercury is mainly Catholic, Orthodox, Singulatarian and Hindu, although many other minorities exist. There are a total of 52 countries in the Craterlands, and here are the major ones. All of these countries operate similarly to the ones in the Miai accordant. Vijayanagar is the most populated country on Mercury, with 514 million residents. Its capital is Antonovabad, named after Antonov Laghar, half Russian-Indian who was the first person on the moon. Vijayanagar has a large economy, based mainly on coding, food production and fusion engines. The country is famous for its cuisine, and its population made up of Hindus, Atheists and small Victorianist and Islamic minorities. The county is a Parliamentary Republic. Novy Sibir is twinned with Vijayanagar, and it has a population of 387 million. It has a capital right next to Antonovabad, called Laghargorod, which are both located at the first landing site in Mercury. Sibir has an economy mainly based on A. research and biotechnology, but it is most famous for dancing and music. It is a presidential republic, and its population is mainly made up of Siberian Russians, Kazakhs and Ukrainians. Most of the country is Orthodox, but it has large Atheist and Neopagan communities. Trinity station exerts considerable influence over Mercury, turning the planet into a bastion of Catholicism. This mainly occurred during the New Great Awakening, a large religious revival spanning from 2150 to 2400, where millions of Catholics moved to Mercury in order to escape the conflict and distrust on Earth. This was bolstered by the Earthlifting of Rome and the refugees from the 5th world war, which really devastated the planet. Today, however, the nations are mainly more secular, but this varies, as in Salgado you can be executed for blasphemy or in Kennedy City, where you can legally perform Wiccan rituals next to a cathedral. The nations are still close though, and there is a strong Catholic Mercurian brotherhood that unites the region. Here are some of the more notable ones: Latinica: This is the largest nation on Mercury when it comes to land Area, and it has the second highest population at 475 million. It has a strong Neo-Roman Empire feel to it, and it adopted similar iconography implemented some of its culture. The country is mainly Italian, French and Iberian. It was set up as an E. U. colony in 2123, and it has grown rapidly since then. Calmanan: This country is home to the largest phillipino population in the solar system. It is an industrial superpower, and its people are known for their iron will and dedication. It is also home to small Spanish and Malay minorities, who have been discriminated against by the government from time to time. Lunandai: An African Catholic Nation, mainly made up of Angolans who decided to leave Venus and form a more religious society. It is also populated by a lot of Gabonese, Portuguese and Congolese, and even a community of East Timorians. The colony was founded in 2211, and it mainly speaks Portuguese with a little Latin. Ornico: A Venesuelan and Chilean dominated nation, it originated from a collaboration between the two countries to set up a colony in the region. They landed 10 people in 2102, and they proudly brag about being the first of the Catholic nations of Mercury (although a Devout Catholic set foot on an American mission earlier) Nueva Chaco: Mainly Argentine, Uruguayan, Paraguayan, Cuban and Panamanian, it is known for having a fun mix of different South American cultures, despite the fact that it's government is plagued with instability. Salgado: Salgado is known for its very far right politics, and it often receives threats of exile from the Intersolar Council. It is made up of hardcore nationalistic Brazilians, as well as a large Portuguese population. Donpedro: Basically the same as Salgado, but a little more democratic and a whole lot less polarized. Visegrad: A powerful nation dominated by Central Europeans. Made up of Poles, Magyars, Croats, Slovens, Slovaks and Czechs. This was one of the older colonies, and it was created by the European Union in 2123, the same year as Latinica. Kennedy city: A city created by American Catholics who felt in tune with their religion quite a bit. It is only a city state, but it has a huge population of 45 million. It is home to the space elevator that delivers food and supplies to Trinity Station, as well as ferrying millions of tourists every year. There are dozens of smaller nations in the alliance, hailing from several hundred ethnicities and cultures, but all united under the golden cross of the Pope. There were also quite a bit of breakaway states in the region, such as the Republic of Fouche (a French Secular State) and Los Altos (a Victorianist breakaway state mainly made up of Central Americans. Another major power in the Mercurian Craterlands are the Singulatarian cults. The Singulatarians are a religion hellbent on creating the perfect A. God to lead humanity into a new age. They are lead by the god makers, a group of major coders selected from across the Solar System. They are divided into 8 teams, each working on an aspect to improve the A. The leader of the religion is the High Developer, also known as the prophet. The Singulatarians came together to form a nation in the southern regions of the craterlands, known as Petrapolis. It is a multiethnic nation, with the only requirement of citizenship being coding skills and a contribution to the god. People who cannot code are considered second class citizens, and they build databases and assist the upper class of coders. It is rumored that the god is 90% complete, and it has plans to completely transform the solar system, including building a Martrioshka brain for itself, which would really turn it into a god. Dystopias of the South While the North of Mercury is home peaceful religious retreats, the south is a special intersolar zone where ideologies on the verge of extremism can be practiced, and they are legally referred to as ‘Dystopias (the actual colonies themselves do not like this term, but that is what they are legally branded as. Apparently, many of them are very popular and actually attract people to come over, as many of them have giving birth banned entirely. The Primitalist Company is probably out there when it comes to insanity. The country was formed by funding from the Dyson Corporation as a giant experiment. It is located in a giant cave in the Merucurian underground that has a self contained Earth-like environment, with lot of berry bushes, lakes with fish and peaceful animals. Doesnt sound very dystopian, does it? Well, there is a fairly large group of people, numbering in about 10, 000, who choose to live here. The scary part is that they choose to have their higher intelligence stripped from them, undergo sterilization and are dumped into the environment, where they just live like animals, trying to live, sometimes fighting and mating all the time (to no avail. Many of them also undergo some body modification as well before entering. They are known as the Ziyou Ren (free people) and they remain in their environments while being monitored by scientists. Apparently, joining the Ziyou Ren is popular, and many billionaires and trillionaires dump massive amounts of money into turning themselves into Ziyou Ren. This is so popular that there is a ten year long waiting list to get in, which makes people pay more to skip. Obviously, the program causes hundreds of moral dilemmas, but it makes money so it is fine! Southern Mercury is also home to several hive minds, although these have a lot more regulations than some other ones, mainly located in the K-belt and some Comets. There are a total of a thousand hive minds with varying populations from a few hundred to a million, all with very different ideologies and degrees of control. All of the hive minds are forced to give their members at least some independent thought and the ability to leave, or they may risk banishment into the K-belt. The Hive minds generally go try and get an economy running, and they spend most of the excess on advertising their hive as a good place to live. Surprisingly, many of them are, and millions of people sign up to become ‘drones of the hives. Here are some of the main types of hives: Corporate Hives: These are the most common type of hive minds. New drones have pleasure releasing devices plugged into their brains, so that working is not too difficult for them. They work on helping to keep the colony afloat, as well as making money for a company or corporation. The drones are paid very high wages, and they have the power to opt out of working when they want. Some corporate hives have their drones do work at the location, while some others send drones across the solar system. Drone labor is very popular among poor workers, as no experience is necessary in order to do it, and there are very strict safety regulations in place. Communal hives: These hives have no purpose other than giving someone a place to live. Mind control is only done for specific hours each day, and that is usually with pleasure releasing devices plugged in. They are just places where people can live, not much more. These have relaxed regulations, and children are allowed to be born into them. Religious hives: These hives are a little more crude, but many people still choose to be a part of them. They have their brains relaxed as they spend days worshiping and performing religious rituals, sometimes trying to keep the colony afloat. Religious hives are mainly Singulatarian, Victorianist and neo-pagan, although several other religions do the same. The drones are considered as true champions of the religion and are often held in very high regard. Thought hives: These hives remove all senses from their drones, only giving them the ability to think. They ponder over the mysteries of the universe as well as come up with new ideas and philosophies. Many of the top writers and philosophers of the solar system partook in a though hive at one point. Other hives exist, of course, but these are the most common. The Mercurian South is also home to several nudist colonies and strange sex based cultures (well I guess that is stuck in your head now. There are other strange dystopias, such as extremist Matriarchies and Patriarchies (both have a problem with skewed sex ratios) as well as genderless colonies. The largest dystopia of them all, is the Commonwealth of Equal people, home to 50 million people. This dystopia has a lot more relaxed regulations placed on it, as it is generally a little less extreme. The Commonwealth is a zero property society, and everything belongs to everyone. It is essentially a perfect communist state (yep, they exist now. Each person has to share their property, and many ‘social constructs' such as families, class structures, government tiers and even money are vanished, and everyone has to contribute equally to the Commonwealth, or they are just kicked out. The government is a full democracy, as people have full control over the government. Work is divided equally based on ability and the only time money is brought up is when people are trying to keep the colony afloat. A new language that is very different from almost all other languages that uses extremely unconventional grammar and sentence structure was developed to be the lingua franca of the colony, and it is near impossible to learn without downloading the language, and extremely difficult to translate. It sounds like Aliens in late 20th century movies mumbling together. So, that is Mercury, the heart of the Catholic faith along with many religious retreats from other faiths, and some weird shit that goes on in the south.

Wow I've never seen Hugh Grant not being Hugh Grant in a movie...

Download Free The Gentlemen - Senhores do crimes contre l'humanité

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Ah, yes. famed Hollywood director Robert Zemix. Loved his work on Back To The Foot. Download Free The Gentlemen - Senhores do crime stoppers. Download Free The Gentlemen - Senhores do crimes. After watching the movie whenever Im driving I feel like im ken miles hahaha. Great movie! Gonna watch it again.

Download Free The Gentlemen - Senhores de crime. Download free the gentlemen - senhores do crime full. Download free the gentlemen - senhores do crime lyrics. Download free the gentlemen - senhores do crime rate. Download free the gentlemen - senhores do crime cast. 2020 I cant wait that long show it on December 26th 2019. I Hope Quentin Tarantno gets involved with this, It needs to be bloody, needs to be gory, needs to be a new classic. Add songs like boogie wounderland, get down on it, dazing's blood and tears and Mama to give it A Taranto vibe.

Download Free The Gentlemen - Senhores de crimée. Posh people. I thought this film was fun. Usually agree with Kermode but not on this occasion. Film. 9.5 out of 10 ; Review. 4 out of 10. Im so excited to see seans part in the movie! so proud of him. Im glad to hear this news. I was so looking forward to this film but what a disappointment. I love Hugh Grant and Guy Ritchie normally but what a snooze fest. It was more like a series of tenuously linked scenes than an actual story. Ropey old fashioned racism that would make any right thinking person cringe and feel deeply uncomfortable. School boy repetitive offensive language for no real reason but an attempt to shock or be funny (FYI it did neither. Plus weird 1 dimensional characters with seemingly meaningless traits ie why does Charlie H's character have OCD one minute and no symptoms of it the next? Why exactly was the young girl with a heroine addiction an addict and why did she die? Even HG's involvement couldn't save it. Good accent and bit of humour but my God can the man take a breath and stop talking for 5 seconds?
Give it a miss and watch Lock Stock again on Netflix is my recommendation.

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Our Demographic here in MensLib tends to skew younger, and unmarried. So I wanted to bring some attention on these policies so that as we grow older and one day might choose to start a family, we can be better informed now, so these polices will be in place when that moment comes. This post will largely consider the American system, but please do not limit discussion to the U. S. or your personal experience with other programs below. Theres been a lot of consternation in the U. over healthcare policies and it tends to overshadow a lot of other related proposals. Policy-wise, when it comes to child care theres generally two things progressives look at. First, how to make child care more affordable in the pre-school years through various initiatives and tax credits. Or through daycare facilities (private, government or employer sponsored) and private care workers. Second, how to make the process and financials of major life events mesh better with the expectations of work and economic stability – be it the actual birth of a child, or another medical emergency for yourself or a loved one. This post considers the latter, and assumes another system for child care after parental leave will take over. This is not the time to advocate for less working hours to stay home, for high enough wages to afford a nanny, for workers to get their share of leisure and wage growth from increases in productivity through technology and automation. In an economy that currently expects both parents to work without serious protections for workers and economic stability, and a country where child-rearing is still a heavily gendered responsibly, we must advocate for programs with clear progressive values, positive results and that already show the political will to enact. PFML = Paid Family Medical Leave FMLA (1993. Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 What is Paid Family Leave and who does it affect? Sometimes referred to as parental leave, paid family leave is a workers benefit provided by employers or the government to allow paid or unpaid time off from work for or a certain duration to parents for the purposes of recovering from child birth, parental bonding, and economic/job security. Paid leave typically provides a reduced wage replacement during this period that is administered by either the government or the employer. Most people in the U. do not have paid family leave. Only 19% of workers in the U. have paid family leave to care for a child or a seriously ill loved one. Sometimes parents can be covered by Employer Short-term Disability Policies, but still, only 40% of workers are covered in those cases. Access to paid family leave has only grown 6% over the last 5 years (13% 19. where the highest wage workers have seen as 12% increase (22% 34. and low-wage workers have seen a 2% increase (4% 6. Nearly two-thirds of full-time employees (63% who are parents did not take paid parental leave in the US and over three-quarters of women (77% indicate their spouse/partner is not eligible for paid parental leave. Millennials (48% are much more likely to take paid parental leave compared with parents of older generations when they had children. 7% of people who filed for bankruptcy cited the birth of a child as the cause. “Sandwich caregivers” are those who are caught between the demands of both childcare and caring for an adult family member. National Alliance for Caregiving cite these caregivers provide 22hrs a week of care and have to cut hours during prime working and long-term saving years. Sandwich caregivers are 19% Baby Boomers, 31% Millennials and 49% Gen X and often lack workplace benefits while juggling care. A History of Family Leave in the U. The U. is one of a very small number of countries (“one in two”, “only industrialized nation”, “one of three within in U. N. ” “only rich country”, “only OECD Country”) that has no guaranteed paid leave of any kind. Often, we dont think about it as economic security or support and that means people rely on a patchwork of state policies, other family members (and their employee benefits if they have it) vacation/sick time, or taking unpaid leave via 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act, but theres no standard or guarantee that says you deserve, and should have access to, paid family leave no matter where you live, where you work, the type of job you have, or whether youre caring for a child versus an older facility member dealing with a serious illness. culturally prioritizes work, and fetishizes hard work as the key to social mobility. It is the reason why you see work requirements in a lot of welfare programs despite them not working. PFML likewise is designed with workers in mind who will continue working. And unlike some European policies that are pro-natalist that historically (some still do) separated men and women because for gender roles, its critical that PFML in recognizes parents regardless of gender will work and will need leave at some point to take care of themselves, a child, or a family member. Traditionally, the movement for paid leave has largely centered on state and local policies or those voluntarily adopted by employers or negotiated through union contracts. The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 Prior to 1992, George H. W. Bush vetoed a FMLA twice. When Bill Clinton was elected it became a domestic priority. The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, signed into law by Clinton, provided the following measures. Eligible Employers: Private-sector employer, with 50 or more employees in 20 or more workweeks in the current or preceding calendar year, including a joint employer or successor in interest to a covered employer; Public agency, including a local, state, or Federal government agency, regardless of the number of employees it employs; or Public or private elementary or secondary school, regardless of the number of employees it employs. Eligible Employees: Works for a covered employer; Has worked for the employer for at least 12 months; Has at least 1, 250 hours of service for the employer during the 12 month period ( 24hrs a week) immediately preceding the leave* and Works at a location where the employer has at least 50 employees within 75 miles. This effectively restricted these benefits to 41% of the workforce. It entitles eligible workers up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period for: The birth of a son or daughter or placement of a son or daughter with the employee for adoption or foster care; To care for a spouse, son, daughter, or parent who has a serious health condition; For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job; or For any qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that a spouse, son, daughter, or parent is a military member on covered active duty or call to covered active duty status. Some states picked up where the government left off. California was the first state to implement a state program for family leave in 2002 (effective 2004) New Jersey the second. These two states have served as a model for much of the future legislation. Since 2002/2004 California has made several improvements and expansions and the overall effects have been: Improved Labor Force Participation, Improved Earnings (particularly for women, POC, and low wage workers) people are taking more care of their family members, reduced utilization of nursing homes by 11% addtl. Medicaid savings) decrease in shaken baby syndrome diagnosis and improved outcomes around ADHD and Education. Plus, more men are spending time with their new children. Utilization for men have gone increased form less than 15% to 40% of all baby bonding claims, foreshadowing a cultural shift in gender equality. In Rode Islands program 1/3 of all leave takers were men. When men takes leave it makes it easier for women to go back to work, there is less gender bias, and women have better outcomes. Nationally, among U. adults “who have taken – or who needed or wanted but were unable to take – parental, family or medical leave in the past two years” Pew Research says the median length of leave taken by new fathers is 1 week, compared to 11 for new mothers. Workers making more than 75, 000 a year will take on median twice as much leave as those making less than 30, 000. Ernst and Young places the average of paid leave at 4. 5 weeks for women and 2. 3 weeks for men. As of July 2019, eight states (California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Oregon) and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that grant parental leave as part of state paid family and medical leave insurance laws, with 4 being effective currently. As of 2016, 12 states (Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming) have passed zero legislation protecting working families since the FMLA in 1993. Originally California had a wage replacement of 55% and a cap of 1, 000 a week, and New Jersey had a wage replacement of 66% and a cap of 500 a week. Both programs were found to be insufficient for low wage earners and the higher of both values became the basis for future legislation, including the National Paid Family Leave Act sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn. Some states (Oregon, California, D. C. Massachusetts) have benefits granted on a progressive scale - either where more wage would be received at the beginning weeks of leave to help workers transition or by giving more family leave benefits to workers with less income. Theres a new calling for a national standard: The Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act (H. R. 1185/S. 463) Every Year since 2013, this bill has been reintroduced. When it was first introduced it had support from 6 senators (all democrats) and 57 house seats. And now it has 37 senators and 203 house members, including 1 House Republican! Chris Smith – NJ. You can see whether your senator or house member are Co-sponsors by following these links. Republicans oppose it because it is an increase in taxes. The FAMILY Acts goal is to create a national Paid Family and Medical Leave program set up as a social insurance fund that would guarantee workers up to 12 weeks paid (at 66% of their wage, capped at 4, 000 /month indexed yearly) to care for a new child - through birth, adoption, or foster placement, medical emergency and all the same considerations that already exists in the 1993 law without the eligibility restrictions and with pay. The Social Fund would manifest as a 4/10ths of 1% payroll contribution (a. 02% tax increase a week on both the employee and employer side - equivalent to 1/18th of social security. It would look like social security in the way funds are taken out on your paystub and is conceptually and structurally similar. That cost would pay for the benefits itself and the administration, outreach, and education of the program. The Center for American Progress estimates that the FAMILY Act would make 77 percent to 84 percent of all U. workers eligible for paid leave. Employers will still be able to compete by offering workers more than this standard requires. I heard theres an Election, What are the Candidates Saying? First off, they are listening to the people: 8 in 10 voters support a comprehensive national paid family and medical leave policy that covers all people who work (84. 8 in 10 feel the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) needs an update (82. Voters prefer paying for a national paid family and medical leave policy through a shared cost between employers and employees. Despite the makeup of the current support for the FAMILY ACT, it receives bipartisan support from Republican and Democratic voters. The CATO Institute poll is unreasonable and an outlier. Median Wage workers can expect to pay between 76. 85 and 97. 72 depending on part-time work status. Most anyone will pay a year is 250 year for the highest wage. CATOs poll still says 78% of Americans support a federal program and a majority of Americans (54% support 200 on a federal leave program. Small Business 7 in 10 in favor payroll tax contribution, family leave insurance Almost all presidential candidates have policies. All of them who do use the FAMILY Act as baseline, but some have gone farther. Many candidates also have polices detailing other worker protections like sick/vacation days, childcare, and early education. I only researched candidates polling above 3% on average. Sen. Bernie Sanders – Co-Sponsor of the FAMILY Act Sen. Elizabeth Warren – Co-Sponsor of the FAMILY Act Former V. P. Joe Biden – How long should paid maternity leave last? 12 weeks. Should maternity leave be paid for by employers? Government? Combination? Government. (Note: Government paid is the least popular method according to polling) Mayor Pete Buttigieg – “enhanced” version of the FAMILY Act Michael Bloomberg – supportive. Details unknown. His company provides 6 months (27 weeks) of leave. Andrew Yang – How long should paid maternity leave last? Nine months to be split between parents; six months for a single parent. Should maternity leave be paid for by employers? Government? Combination? Combination. Amy Klobuchar - Co-Sponsor of the FAMILY Act Donald J. Trump – proposal includes paid leave for mothers, fathers, and adoptive parents. (only parental leave, no medical) The proposal provides six weeks of paid leave, is financed through state unemployment insurance (UI) systems in partnership with the federal government, and is paid for by offsetting reforms to the UI system. During his administration progress has been made for parental leave (no medical leave) for federal employees for 12 weeks. Notably, Kamila Harris, before she dropped out, advocated for a 6 month 100% wage replacement policy. I dont Like the FAMILY Act, What are the Alternatives? Many of these alternatives only cover family leave. They do not cover medical emergencies and other exigencies. Do Nothing, Cost of the Status Quo Center for American progress estimates families aggregated lose 20. 6 billion dollars a year because of inadequate or no PFML, babies not taking wellness visits and immunizations, 23% of people returning to work within 2 weeks, 95% of dads who are not even taking 2 weeks, low wage workers dont have bargaining power to get similar benefits, costing 300, 000 on income and retirement savings for older workers who leave work to care for aging parent, higher nursing home expenses, businesses with higher turnover, higher spending made by other programs and personal bills not being paid. A regulatory mandate as opposed to a social fund Where employers are required to provide it, the government wont be in involved. This has the potential to allow employers to discriminate against people in the hiring process (example: women who might become pregnant, or workers who appear to have a serious illness) as a business is incentivized not to make these payouts when avoidable. There would also be reasonable exemptions for small business and a social fund instead of a regulatory mandate will provide more flexibility to how money gets spent. Even larger businesses are advocating for uniformity as they are forced to comply with multiple state regulatory processes making compliance expensive. Stating: “Legislation should provide uniform standards that apply to all covered employees and that adhere to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act requirements. Doing so would benefit employees needing coverage as well as help businesses challenged by the growing patchwork of competing and inconsistent state plans … Legislation should give employers flexibility in managing paid family and medical leave benefits”. They do differ on the particulars of implementation but do want the federal government to preempt these policies. Keep in mind though what business incentives are, Walmart received a gold star in a lot the press by offering leave 6 weeks for family leave … for full time workers … 60% of Walmarts workforce is part time … Small business as mentioned are in favor of a government administered tax fund. Subsidize the Employer Marco Rubio was the first republican to come forward with paid family leave plan. It was a subsidy awarded to businesses as a “25% non-refundable tax credit that voluntarily offer at least four weeks of paid family leave, limited to twelve weeks of leave and 4, 000 per employee each year. ” and included raising the child tax credit by 2, 500. A similar plan ( Paid Family Leave Pilot Extension Act) ended up inside the 2017 Tax Bill by Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb) which provided a tax credit of 12. 5% up to 25% of what the company pays towards the worker for the company. It requires companies to offer at least two weeks (12 weeks to receive the full credit) of family leave where the employee both makes less than 72, 000 a year and the paid leave covers 50% of their wage. This provision was designed as a test and lasted until the end of 2019. “Social Security Parental Leave Program” by the Independent Womens Forum / “Economic Security for New Parents Act” introduced by Marco Rubio (R-FL) and sponsored by Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO. A parent of a new child could take up to 12 weeks of leave per year and receive on average 45 percent of their pay. Individuals would need to delay their retirement by about 25 weeks for each 12 weeks of leave or see a cut in their Social Security retirement benefits if they retire earlier. In addition the Urban Institute states “Participants who take 12 weeks of paid leave would experience a 3 percent decline in lifetime Social Security retirement benefits, but losses would be significantly higher for people with larger families who take multiple leaves. ” With Rubios version it allows for each parent to pull from their Social Security Benefit in order to take 2 months of family leave, with their respective weeks transferable. According to the Urban Institute, this would be an improvement, and “replace slightly more than one-half of earnings for parents who leave work for three months and about four-fifths of earnings for parents who leave work for two months”. Naturally you would be borrowing from your future self under the assumption you'll still be able-bodied to work past the retirement date. 58% of people oppose this plan according to National Why take leave, when you can pull out a Loan? The Advancing Support for Working Families Act……. Bipartisan duos, U. Reps. Elise Stefanik & Colin Allred and Senators Bill Cassidy & Kyrsten Sinema have proposed legislation where new parents can get an advance (one-time interest free loan) on the future value of their child tax credit. It would allow parents to claim 5, 000 of their tax credit with a new child and then over the next 10 years receive& 500 dollars less of the aforementioned credit. Im #ChildFree without any intent of having a child, why do Parents get all the benefits? It is paid family and medical leave. Virtually everyone will use this program at one point or another in their life. These things are combined for a few reasons. First, it makes sure everyone is able to have some sort of skin in the game, whether youre a parent or that your parents will grow old one day and requires care – this makes support of the program go up, as well as builds more political will to make it happen. Second, birthing is still a medical process with a lot of expensive care required and even in adoption preparing a new home for a little one is costly on top of the actual process of adoption. Third, this program is about creating economic stability for families and low wage workers that requires a more holistic approach for the ways life interrupts our work. With the Family Leave Medical Act of 1993, approximately 55% of people used it to recover from their own illness, 21% a new child, and 18% for family care giving. The FAMILY Act will cover all the same reasons but workers will also be paid. By 2050 up to 20. 2% of the American population is projected to be over the age of 65. According to Ernst and Young, 25% of millennials already care for another family member. Also, heres a link the U. House Oversight Committees hearing on Examining the Need for Comprehensive National Paid Family and Medical Leave that happened just last month. Testimony are provided by: Jacqui Silvani - Newfields, New Hampshire The Honorable Robert Asaro-Angelo – Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Aaron Seyedian – Founder, Well-Paid Maids Jennifer Tucker – Senior Policy Advisor, The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Vicki Shabo – Senior Fellow, Paid Leave Policy and Strategy, Better Life Lab, New America Advocacy: In todays world, youve got to go back to work while youre bleeding or your mother dying. Sources: GENERAL: FILE/ FMLA 1993 FAMILY ACT CANDIDATE POLICIES ALTERNATIVES POLLING.

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